Hello readers and welcome to the blog about my life. On this site, you’ll find a collection of ridiculous, messed up, and true stories. Trust, there is no way I could make this shit up. Now, normally I wouldn’t broadcast my life over the Internet — mainly because I’d be too damned lazy — but I figure that other people could benefit when they’re having a bad day and laugh at my random-ass experiences. The articles are split into the following four categories: Shit People Say to Me Because I Am Black, Scholastic Fuckery, Romantic Disasters, and Miscellaneous Bullshit. Read this blog at your own discretion. If you are easily offended or have no sense of humour, this blog is not for you at all. I suggest you probably just saunter off now and go back to YouPorn. As much as I enjoy using my time to entertain you fine human specimens, I refuse to do anything but laugh at dumbasses and haters. Cheers and have a good time =)


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